March 20....Meridian ride.

Practiced a little "social distancing" we all should.
My method isn't the same as everyone else's though. I'm heading for the highway.
At the base of this mountain, is where I will be playing. This is Mt. Cheam and it is NOT pronounced "Cheem"'s "Chee-am"...two syllables.

I need to drive for about twenty minutes before I reach the Bridal Falls/Popkum area. From there, I have no agenda or's just exploring some areas that I've noticed before, but never went any further.

Soon, I am on Highway #1, between the East and West-bound lanes. This area, is where a large slide occurred a few years ago. Torrential rains caused a slab of mountain to come unglued and covered the Highway in both was a real mess.

A small, wooded section of meridian just begs to be explored...unfortunately, all I find is beer cans and empty coffee containers. I explore the area, working my way as far east as the Wahleach power station, before turning around.
As I make my way Westward, I check out a small gravel road that forks off the highway. I thought it went in a ways, but it ended within 100 yds or so. At the end, I discovered this large culvert (large enough to walk through. I need to bring my gold pan here when there's a bit of water flowing...

There is a foot path from here, across the railroad tracks and to the river...I guess the fishermen use this trail for access to a small backwater stretch of the Fraser River. The entire "creek" here, is bone dry and has plenty of places where someone with a goldpan might find some treasure...I may return.
Once done here, I'm back in the meridian, exploring and checking out the views. Eventually, I get off the highway and decided to check out a power-line road.
After riding around for a while, it becomes apparent that this is no power-line access road...too many twists, jumps and even a few berms. No...this is an old MX track. Probably one that was in existence long before they put in the Popkum MX track on the south side of the highway, nearby.
I zoomed around here for a while....

Then headed towards the Cheam Wetlands....then changed my mind at the last minute. I've been to the wetlands before, but I've never been to the end of the I thought I'd check it out.
Next thing I know...I'm on Private Property...better get outta here.
But first a photo!

I go back to the main road then follow it uphill instead. Found some daffodils growing in the bushes....stupid camera.

Then I got this view....stunning! A serendipitous discovery...if you would.

After soaking this in for a few minutes, I made my way back to Ferry road. I can see some people across the river, also practicing some social-distancing...

While near the Rosedale Bridge...

...I keep thinking that I have GOT TO check out that cat walk one of these days...

THIS cat walk....

I goes underneath the main deck of the bridge...I believe it goes all the way to the other side, but I could be wrong.
This is as close as I would get for today....

Soon cat walk....soon.

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